Patient Watch (VCS)
  • Patient Watch (VCS)

Patient Watch (VCS)

Patient Watch (VCS)

PatientWatch is a HighTech camera solution and has been specially developed for nurses in intensive care and/or cardiac monitoring. Thanks to PatientWatch, nurses receive a 24/7 livestream of all patients present, in a clear overview at the nursing station. These smart cameras, which are equipped with motion and sound detection, not only observe your patients but also closely monitor your medical equipment. PatientWatch therefore also observes 24/7 when the nursing staff has just been absent and your patient slowly wakes up from sleep, for example. You will receive a signal at the nursing station, so that you can be on site quickly.

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Zeer waardevol voor intensive care

24/7 observatie verhoogt de patiëntveiligheid en ondersteunt verpleegkundigen.