What does a nursing ward do?
  • What does a nursing ward do?

What does a nursing ward do?

What does a nursing ward do?

A nursing ward is a department within a hospital or medical facility where patients are admitted for treatment, observation, or recovery. It is an essential part of the hospital where nurses and other medical staff provide direct care and support to patients during their hospital stay. The nature of care provided in a nursing ward can vary depending on the type of ward and the medical needs of the patients admitted there.

Some of the main functions and activities of a nursing ward are:

  1. Admission of patients: The nursing unit receives patients referred from the emergency department, outpatient department, other hospital departments, or outside healthcare facilities.

  2. Observation and Monitoring: Nurses on the ward are responsible for observing and monitoring the condition of the patients, checking vital signs, assessing symptoms and reporting any changes to the treating physician.

  3. Administering Medication: Nurses on the ward are responsible for administering prescribed medication to the patients according to the treatment plan.

  4. Providing basic care: Nurses assist patients with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and going to the toilet.

  5. Treatments and Procedures: Depending on the medical needs of the patients, nurses perform treatments and procedures such as wound care, infusions, injections, etc.

  6. Coordination of care: Nurses work with doctors and other healthcare providers to coordinate care for patients and ensure that all aspects of treatment are aligned.

  7. Support and education: Nurses provide support and education to patients and their families about the medical condition, treatment options, and recovery process.

  8. Discharge planning: Nurses are involved in patient discharge planning, ensuring that patients receive proper follow-up care and instructions for their recovery after leaving the hospital.

There are different types of nursing units in a hospital, such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Oncology, Geriatrics, etc. Each unit specializes in the treatment of certain conditions and has specific care protocols and approaches to meet the needs of the patients. The nursing unit plays an essential role in providing quality and personalized care to patients during their hospital stay and plays a vital role in their recovery and well-being.