What is digital signage?
  • What is digital signage?

What is digital signage?

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a method of communication in which specific information, messages or media content is directed to a selected audience in a specific location or within a limited network. Unlike broadcasting, which is aimed at a wide audience, narrowcasting is aimed at delivering relevant information to a specific target group at a specific place and time.

Narrowcasting uses digital displays, such as TV screens, monitors or projectors, to show information to people in a particular location, such as shops, airports, hospitals, schools, offices or public areas. The content may include news, advertisements, notices, announcements, promotions, instructions, entertainment or other information relevant to the audience in that specific location.

The benefits of digital signage include:

  1. Targeted communication: Narrowcasting makes it possible to direct the message directly to the target group in a specific location, increasing the relevance and impact of the message.

  2. Flexibility and timeliness: The content can be easily updated and adapted to changing needs and events. New information can be added quickly and adapted to current events.

  3. Interaction and Engagement: Digital signage may include interactive elements, such as touchscreen functions, that allow the audience to respond, ask questions, or request more information.

  4. Cost savings: Compared to traditional print media, digital digital signage solutions can be cost effective in the long run as there are no printing and distribution costs and content can be easily changed without repeated production costs.

Examples of digital signage applications include digital menu boards in restaurants, information and orientation displays in hospitals, advertising screens in shopping malls and departure time displays in airports. Digital signage can be tailored to specific audiences, times and locations to promote effective communication and engagement.