Infrastructure design (CAM)
  • Infrastructure design (CAM)

Infrastructure design (CAM)

Set-up your infrastructure

Cam IT Solutions as part of KPN Health, as a partner in Healthcare, provides a high-quality managed ICT Infrastructure Platform with which Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions facilitate Applications to Healthcare Professionals, Chain Partners and Clients in accordance with agreed and measurable KPIs ”.

Better care at lower IT costs is our goal, the information sharing is increasing, combined with an increasing shortage on the labor market and supporting professions. We make the increasingly higher demands on security and privacy, combined with the demand for greater ease of use, possible through the CAM Use Cases, where we look from the Use Case to see how the professional, patient and employee on any device and wherever (in the House, home or ambulatory) with the applications that he or she needs for the hospital from his Use Case.

A Use Case is composed of personas, devices, applications and locations. Personas are groups of employees with a common IT need. This includes, for example, the degree of ambulatory work, need or the need to work on different devices such as local workstations, imaging systems, tablets, COWs, smartphones, or even web-based. For example, can information be collected from a location other than the hospital, or is certain hardware required to be able to use applications? The purpose of the Use Cases is to optimally connect the user and the application. In other words: In which situation there is a need for which application and which device and configuration are optimal. For example, a department manager may have the same needs as an outpatient care worker. So: 'ambulatory work with short interactions with IT that often consist of quick registrations on a device that is later worked out on a different type of device. One employee can therefore be assigned to multiple personas and also to multiple Use Cases.

The CAM CUBE platform aims to make applications available from any device and from any cloud. Because virtual workplaces are not tied to a physical computer workstation but to a user, the CAM CUBE makes it possible for the employee to take their work session throughout the hospital.

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