What is an Electronic Prescribing System (EVS)?
  • What is an Electronic Prescribing System (EVS)?

What is an Electronic Prescribing System (EVS)?

What is an Electronic Prescribing System (EVS)?

An Electronic Prescribing System (EVS), also known as Electronic Medication Prescribing System or e-prescribing system, is an automated system used by healthcare providers, such as doctors and nurses, to electronically generate, transmit and process medication prescriptions. The EVS replaces the traditional manual process of prescribing medicines on paper.

Some features and functionalities of an Electronic Prescribing System include:

  1. Prescribing Function: The system provides a user-friendly interface that allows healthcare providers to create electronic medication prescriptions. They can select and enter the correct medication, dosages, instructions and repeat requests.

  2. Medication monitoring: The EVS automatically checks for possible allergies, drug interactions, contraindications and other relevant safety aspects. It provides healthcare providers with alerts and notifications to identify and prevent potential risks.

  3. Access to medication information: The system contains an extensive database of medicines, including information on dosages, formulations, indications and side effects. This enables healthcare providers to obtain accurate and relevant information when prescribing medication.

  4. Electronic dispatch: The EVS makes it possible to send electronic prescriptions directly to the selected pharmacy. This reduces the need for physical paper prescriptions and improves the speed and efficiency of the process.

  5. Pharmacy communication: The system facilitates communication between healthcare providers and pharmacies, enabling the quick and easy exchange of questions, verifications and comments on medication prescriptions.

  6. Patient Engagement: Some EVS systems allow patients to access their own medication data, including prescriptions, instructions, and potential interactions. This promotes patient involvement in his/her own care.

Using an Electronic Prescribing System has several benefits, such as reducing medication errors, improving accuracy and safety of prescriptions, increasing efficiency and streamlining the prescribing process. The EVS contributes to improved patient care, better communication between healthcare providers and pharmacists, and increased patient safety.