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In order to continue to provide a complete overview to our visitors, the quality of current product information is of utmost importance and to keep this process as efficient as possible for both parties, we have set up a seller portal. Here you can add and configure your own products.

How to get started

  1. Create a new account on the following page
  2. Create an Exhibitor environment via the button "Create Exhibitor Environment" and fill in the requested information.
  3. Now you can add and modify your products / services via the button "Article". Use the following manual to configure your product correctly.

It doesn't work? Or do you have any questions? We like to help you!

7 reasons to exhibit at

  1. We offer visitors a complete overview of the best medical software
  2. 365 days a year, targeted advertising for a small amount of money
  3. We are an independent platform where every exhibitor is given the opportunity to register
  4. International reach due to content in Dutch and English
  5. We mediate between visitors and suppliers in case of market consultation or tendering
  6. Our website compares honest and independent reviews, which gives confidence to our visitors
  7. Due to the entry into force of the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) on May 26, 2021, a hospital has more obligations to conduct a thorough market survey.

Find a FAQ on the following page or you can ask questions via the contact form.